Command-Line CD Ripping, Redux

A slight improvement to my two-step manual CD ripping process, with the intent of avoiding any thoughts about abcde:

cdparanoia -B -v ; eject cdrom

Ejecting the CD after cdparanoid finishes with it provides a visual cue for the next step.

Set up the disk number and maximum number of tracks, then unleash lame:

for t in $(seq -w 1 $tm) ; do lame --preset tape --tt "D${d}:T${t}" --ta "Michael Lewis" --tl "The Big Short" --tn "${t}/${tm}" --tg "Audio Book" --add-id3v2 track${t}.cdda.wav D${d}-${t}.mp3 ; done
rm track*

The $(seq -w 1 $tm) expansion generates a list of zero-filled numbers for the tracks.

There’s surely a one-liner to extract $tm, the maximum track number, from the track* files, but I’ll leave that for later.

You can increment the disk number with let "d++" if the ripping goes smoothly. If not, that’s fraught with peril, because you (well, I) will do it once too often.

Iterate for each CD in the set, washing & primping as needed for good results.

And that’s that, at least for a while…