Streaming Player: Wireless Keypad

Moving the streaming media player control panel across the Sewing Room for E-Z access:

Wireless Keypad - colored labels
Wireless Keypad – colored labels

Stipulated: garish labels that don’t fit the keys well at all.

I need more than one stream for testing; the only one that matters is Classical.

The keypad uses the same 2.4 GHz ISM band as the Raspberry Pi’s Wifi radio, which means holding a key down (which should never happen) puts a dent in mplayer’s cache fill level. Even absent that interference, the WiFi link seems more than a little iffy, probably because it’s at the far end of the house and upstairs from the router.

Other WiFi devices report that 2.4 GHz RF has trouble punching through the intervening fifty feet of hardwood floor (on the diagonal, the joists amount to a lot of wood) and multiple sets of doubled wallboard sheets; the RPi probably needs a better radio with an actual antenna. I did move the WiFi control channel away from the default used by the (relatively distant) neighbors, which seemed to improve its disposition.