Poughkeepsie ACM Chapter Presentation: Plotting Like It’s 1989!

I’ll be giving an in-depth talk about my adventures restoring that old HP 7475A plotter for the Poughkeepsie ACM Chapter at Marist College this evening:

Superformula Plot - Composite D
Superformula Plot – Composite D

This being the Association for Computing Machinery, I will talk a bit about the Superformula that makes it all possible:

Gielis Superformula - parameters
Gielis Superformula – parameters

The presentation will look a lot like this: ACM – Plotting Like Its 1989. The PDF doesn’t include my patter, but perhaps the linky love on each screen can fill in the details.

If you’re following along, the Python source code running on the plotter as a GitHub Gist: