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Miniature Chain Mail: Handouts

I ran off a few patches of miniature chain mail for holiday handouts to a few folks who’d appreciate them:

Chain Mail Armor - 6x6 9.6 mm - top view

Chain Mail Armor – 6×6 9.6 mm – top view

A little patch like that makes a fondletoy that’s easier to pocket than, say, a planetary gear bearing and should be robust enough to withstand quite a bit of abuse.

Alas, it turned out that recent Slic3r development versions suffered a bridging regression. The stable 1.2.9 version does the right thing:

Slic3r 1.2.9 - good bridging

Slic3r 1.2.9 – good bridging

The hot-from-Github version goes diagonally, producing a pattern like an internal layer that normally sits atop the (omitted) bridge layer:

Slic3r 7c8b710 - diagonal bridging

Slic3r 7c8b710 – diagonal bridging

While that might barely work, the little bitty link bars will certainly fall into the abyss:

Slic3r 7c8b710 - diagonal bridging on links

Slic3r 7c8b710 – diagonal bridging on links

Given the complexity of slicing algorithms, I definitely can’t track down the problem; using the stable version for a while should suffice.

The OpenSCAD source code as a GitHub gist:

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