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Gorilla Glue: Cured in the Bottle

So the dishwasher ate another rack protector, which happens a few times a year. I’m getting low on spares, so maybe it’s time to run off a few in cyan PETG to see if the cute support structure will still be removable:

Dishwasher rack protector - support model

Dishwasher rack protector – support model

Anyhow, this time I used urethane glue, because the last of the acrylic caulk went into another project. I store the Gorilla Glue bottle upside-down so the entire top doesn’t cure solid, but:

Gorilla Glue - cured in bottle

Gorilla Glue – cured in bottle

Usually, it’s just cured in the snout. This time, the layer across the bottom was a few millimeters thick and the glue below seemed rather thick. I tossed the solid lump, slobbered a dab of thick goo on the dishwasher rack, jammed the new protector in place, replaced the cap, and declared victory.

That’s why I no longer buy that stuff in The Big Bottle…