Why Friends Don’t Let Friends Run Windows

Perhaps this is not nearly as motivational as it’s supposed to be:

Win 10 Upgrade Popup
Win 10 Upgrade Popup

A friend sent that along after reading my efforts to squelch the Windows 10 nagware on an off-lease Dell Optiplex that will never, ever be updated.

She just turned off automatic updates, which means she must examine all the updates and manually install ones that don’t download Win 10 (which she doesn’t want), forevermore. Unfortunately, that means she won’t automatically get all the security updates that help make current versions of Windows much less hazardous then in The Bad Old Days.

Talk about a Hobson’s Choice: in practical terms, you must decide between automatic updates or not getting regular updates. OK, that’s actually a false dilemma, but you get the idea.

If you run automatic updates the way Microsoft recommends, you’ll soon be running a free operating system that tracks and reports your every move, so as to deliver precisely targeted advertisements right on your desktop. What could possibly be better?

Come the middle of next year, we may see an uptick in the number of people using Linux or running unpatched Windows boxes to cut down on nagware.