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Poughkeepsie Day School Mini MakerFaire

In the (admittedly unlikely) event you’re in the neighborhood today, visit the Poughkeepsie Mini MakerFaire. I’ll be doing a “Practical 3D Printing” show-n-tell in one of the tiny music practice rooms in the main hallway, handing out tchochkes, and generally talking myself hoarse. The HP 7475A plotter will be cranking out Superforumulas next door, too, because everybody loves watching a plotter.

Usually, I print dump trucks or some such, but yesterday I hammered out the models for two adapters that mate the new vacuum cleaner to some old tools, so I’ll be doing live-fire production printing. I’m sure you can get adapters on Amazon, but what’s the fun in that?

The magic wand that sucks dust off the evaporator coils under the refrigerator slides into the bottom end of this one:

Refrigerator Coil Wand Adapter

Refrigerator Coil Wand Adapter

And the snout of this slides into the tiny floor brush that fits into spots the new one can’t reach:

Floor Brush Adapter

Floor Brush Adapter

And, with a Faire wind in my sails, perhaps I can run off the bits required for a hard drive mood light:

Hard Drive Mood Light - solid model - Show view

Hard Drive Mood Light – solid model – Show view

More details on all those later…