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Painting By Numbers

The south- and snowplow-facing numbers on the mailbox weren’t up to the challenge:

Mailbox - faded numbers

Mailbox – faded numbers

I wiped the crud off the reflective labels with denatured alcohol before painting, but that was the extent of the surface preparation.

I’m not getting graded on my ability to paint within the lines using a foam brush and that’s a Good Thing:

Mailbox - repainted numbers

Mailbox – repainted numbers

That’s Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer, chosen entirely because it was oil-based, outdoor-rated, and near the front of the shelf. I’m not going to topcoat it; that stuff is on its own. The slight color variations show still-wet primer here & there.

The north-facing numbers were in better shape, so a few dabs covered the obvious problems.

Hey, I wiped that peeling paint off the top of the box, too…