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Beckman DM73 Circuitmate Multimeter: Ground Clip

Among the many treasures Mad Phil left me was a Beckman DM73 CircuitMate multimeter (manual at the Boat Anchor Manual Archive):

Beckman DM73 - new ground clip

Beckman DM73 – new ground clip

Although it’s rated to 500 V, it violates the fundamental principle of high-voltage electronics debugging:

Always keep one hand in your pocket!

The scorched and truncated probe tip on the “ground wire” shows Phil slipped at least once:

Beckman DM73 - probe tip

Beckman DM73 – probe tip

After far too long, I sacrificed a black multimeter probe from the heap, soldered an alligator clip on the end, and, henceforth, will use it appropriately. Mostly, I never do any high-voltage work, but you never know.

I suppose I should splice that nice black probe onto the end of the Beckman wire¬†for low-voltage work…