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Drying Rack Rung Repair

One of the rungs in the drying rack that keeps my bath towel from crawling away broke:

Drying Rack - broken rung

Drying Rack – broken rung

The rungs have turned-down pegs on the ends that slide through the inner side strut and anchor into the outer strut with a nail through the end. You can see the peg between the struts.

Removing the nail split the end of the strut, so I slobbered urethane glue into the crack and clamped it together overnight:

Drying Rack - strut gluing

Drying Rack – strut gluing

Rather than removing the strut and doing it right, I gingerly freehanded a 3/8 inch hole into the end with a Forstner bit:

Drying Rack - drilled reinforced rung

Drying Rack – drilled reinforced rung

Yes, that’s off-center, but it’s dead on the scar where the peg broke off. I have no idea how they could turn down a cylinder to get an eccentric peg on the end.

The black heatstink tubing reinforces the absurdly thin wood shell remaining around the hole. It’s probably not required, given that I’m about to fill the hole with a hardwood peg; nothing exceeds like excess.

Cut a suitable length from a nearby foam paint brush handle that just happens to be both hardwood and 3/8 inch in diameter, dab urethane glue in the holes (but not in the inner strut!), stuff peg through inner strut, seat in outer strut, stretch things enough to slide peg into rung, separate struts to avoid inadvertently pasting them together:

Drying Rack - reassembled

Drying Rack – reassembled

Took about fifteen minutes over the course of three days while the glue cured.


Those of long memory may recall a similar repair to the previous rack; we do, occasionally, toss things. I did, of course, add some of its dowels to the Long Things Stockpile.