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Makergear M2: Platform Stability

After replacing that washer, the last step in the platform alignment required 1/6 turn on the front screw between the top two sets of measurements:

M2 Alignment measurements - 2015-08-09 - 2

M2 Alignment measurements – 2015-08-09 – 2

The last two sets show the sample-to-sample variation with no adjustments, which didn’t amount to much.

Without changing anything else, I then switched from magenta PETG filament to cyan and ran off two more sets of thinwall hollow boxes (in addition to other doodads) over the next two days:

M2 Alignment measurements - 2015-08-10

M2 Alignment measurements – 2015-08-10

A bit less than a month later, after producing several iterations of unrelated doodads:

M2 Alignment measurements - 2015-09-07

M2 Alignment measurements – 2015-09-07

The variation in the center box height from 4.94 mm to 5.00 mm shows that sensing the platform Z-axis position directly on the glass surface actually works the way it should: ±0.03 mm is as good as it gets. Given that my measurement error / eyeballometric averaging on any given box runs around ±0.02 mm, the far corners also seem rock-stable and certainly don’t justify automatic alignment probing and adjustment.

Thinwall hollow boxes make good handouts at 3D printing presentations…

Thinwall Hollow Box collection

Thinwall Hollow Box collection