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Road Conditions: Maloney Road, With Truck

Commercial truck drivers generally know what they’re doing, what their vehicle can do, and drive both responsibly and carefully. This driver waited patiently until an oncoming car passed beside us, then eased around us as we pedaled slowly up the hill from Rt 376 on Maloney Rd:

Maloney Rd 2015-07-24 - Truck 1

Maloney Rd 2015-07-24 – Truck 1

As usual, we were as far to the right as we could get:

Maloney Rd 2015-07-24 - Truck 2

Maloney Rd 2015-07-24 – Truck 2

Those parallel bar drain grates along the side of the road just add a bit more tension when the timing doesn’t work out this nicely:

Maloney Rd 2015-07-24 - Truck 3

Maloney Rd 2015-07-24 – Truck 3

Other than that, it was a fine day for a ride.

Shortly after sending these pictures to the Town of Wappingers, this happened:

Maloney Rd 2015-08-02 - Patched

Maloney Rd 2015-08-02 – Patched

A series of long, smooth patches over the worst parts of the uphill grade definitely improved the situation. With a fair wind and some money,¬†they’ll repave the entire section from Rt 376 to well beyond the Dutchess Rail Trail during next year’s maintenance season.


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