Monthly Science: Basement Humidity Step Changes

Can you tell when our dehumidifier failed?

Basement Temp Humidity - 2015-05 to 2015-07
Basement Temp Humidity – 2015-05 to 2015-07

The step change in Week 22 shows when the replacement took over. After some poking around, Amazon Prime FTW.

The square-ish pulse starting in Week 26 marks a change from 55% RH to 60%RH and back again, to see how the front panel meter compares with the low end lab-grade hygrometer in the other side of the basement near the Hobo datalogger on the water inlet; they’re all off by a bit, but well within their expected tolerances. The 5% RH height of the step suggests a good match between their incremental calibrations.

It seems dehumidifiers last a few years, no matter which Brand Name you’ve decided to trust, so there’s not much point in developing a deep emotional attachment.

For the record, the old dehumidifier sported a GE label:

GE Dehumidifier label
GE Dehumidifier label

The new one says Frigidaire on the front, but the label says Electrolux:

Fridgidaire - Electrolux Dehumidifier label
Fridgidaire – Electrolux Dehumidifier label

As it turns out, Electrolux bought Frigidaire a while ago, then absorbed GE’s appliances in 2014, so they’re all one big happy family now.

The various names notwithstanding, a recall notice suggests Gree Electric actually makes all the dehumidifiers badged with Brand Names you might think represent something significant.