MakerGear M2: Platform Z-axis Switch Repeatability

Having run off four quick prints with identical settings, I measured the thickness of the skirt threads around each object:

Skirt Thread Consistency
Skirt Thread Consistency

They’re all slightly thicker than the nominal 0.25 mm layer thickness, but centered within ±0.02 mm of the average 0.27 mm. Tweaking the G92 offset in the startup G-Code by 0.02 would fix that.

The 0.29 mm skirt surrounded the first object, which had a truly cold start: 14 °C ambient in the Basement Laboratory. After that, they’re pretty much identical.

Some informal measurements over a few days suggests the actual repeatability might be  ±0.05 mm, which is Good Enough for layers around 0.20 to 0.25 mm.

The larger skirt suggests that the platform has a slight tilt, but the caliper resolution is only 0.01 mm.

When I realigned everything after installing the V4 hot end, the last set of thinwall boxes looked like this:

Thinwall Calibration Cubes - 5 copies
Thinwall Calibration Cubes – 5 copies

Their heights were:

4.96 5.01
4.91 4.92

Not enough to worry about, in any event, sez I…