MTD Snowblower Muffler Bolts

One of the bolts from the replacement muffler on the MTD snowblower worked its way out of the engine block and vanished along the driveway, perhaps to be found when the snow vanishes in a few months. The muffler’s still in place, but the engine exhaust comes straight out of the port into that compartment and, because I’m running the engine a bit rich to make up for oxygenated gasoline, a beautiful blue flame jets about two inches from the bolt hole.

Being that sort of guy, I installed one of the original bolts that I’d tossed into the bin with its relatives and continued the mission.

For future reference:

  • MTD Snowthrower E6A4E
  • Tecumseh engine HMSK80
  • Tecumseh muffler 35056
  • Tecumseh bolt 651002

The bolt has, of course, delightfully custom specs: 5/16-18 x 4-3/16.

My bolt stash tops out at 4 inches, so that not-quite-1/4 inch extra length means you gotta buy an OEM bolt.

They’re $1.20 from Jack’s Small Engines, with five bucks of shipping, or you can find a kit with two bolts and the lock bracket for $12 on Amazon.

No pix, because it’s 14 °F outside and barely more than that in the garage.