End and Beginning of the Computer Glasses

Having repaired these once before, I wasn’t too surprised when this happened:

Eyeglasses - broken nose bridge wire
Eyeglasses – broken nose bridge wire

Evidently the “titanium” has fatigued, because the repair lasted barely nine months.

Rather than try to fix them again, I sent my new prescriptions halfway around the planet and, a bit under two weeks later, had three glasses: normal, computer, and sun. This time, I went with 38 mm tall lenses, a heavier nose bridge, and traditional aviator sunglasses.

For the record, the regular prescription was:

Normal prescription - 2014-12

Tweaking that by +0.75 diopter on the sphere puts my far point focus on the monitors across the desk and backing -0.75 diopter from the adder keeps the same near-point reading correction:

Computer prescription - 2014-12
Computer prescription – 2014-12

They’re all no-line progressive bifocals made from 1.57 high-index plastic with anti-reflection coating, for a grand total of $135 delivered.

That being only slightly more than the estimated cost of fixing one broken Silhouette frame temple, Mary will try living in the future, too.