Incandescent Bulb Lifetime

One of the four 40 W bulbs in the classic 1955 fixture over the front bathroom mirror burned out, leading to this discovery:

40 W bulb - lifetime
40 W bulb – lifetime

Yup, I installed that bulb in late September 1998, when we repainted that bathroom (for the first time since the original owners painted it in 1955). Getting a decade and a half from an incandescent bulb in regular use ain’t all that bad, sez I. Two other bulbs appeared in mid 2014, replacing bulbs with barely 6 years of service. Inexplicably, the third bulb has no date; I must be slipping.

Having burned through the 40 W bulb stash, I put two 60 W incandescents in the center sockets, leaving me with four new-old-stock bulbs on the shelf. Might be a lifetime supply for this house…