Xubuntu vs. Gnome Keyring Redux

Once again, another Xubuntu desktop box started having troubles with the Gnome keyring manager, with baffling symptoms including a request for a password you don’t know and forgetting passwords you’ve entered correctly.

The solution, much as before, requires at least some of:

  • Auto-start Gnome services: Session & Startup -> Advanced -> ×
  • Find and delete the keyrings directory: this time it was ~/.gnome2/keyrings
  • Tweak the contents of /etc/xdg/autostart/gnome-keyring-pkcs11.desktop
  • Reboot that sucker
  • Enter passwords as needed, which should be The Last Time you must do that

This keyring problem remains a problem after all these years, because … I haven’t a clue.

At least now I have a list of things to try, which should might reduce the hassle next time around.