Business Expenses: 1985 Hardware

My biz records from 1985 emerged from hiding on their way to the recycling bin:

Hardware Expenses - 1985
Hardware Expenses – 1985

Yup, you read it right:

  • $944 for what might have been a 20 MB drive
  • $406 for a 10 MB (!) hard drive
  • $1400 for an EGA graphics board & matching display

A few years after that, I gingerly plugged a $750 80387 math coprocessor into an 80386 system that we depreciated forever.

Another page of that report says I dropped nearly $3500 on various chunks of software.

The times, they definitely have changed. Nowadays, I buy throwaway off-lease Dell boxes costing less than that 10 MB hard drive and use Free Software for essentially everything I do.

I wish I still had that HP plotter, though…