Kenmore 158: Useful Unicode Glyphs

It turns out, for some reasons that aren’t relevant here, that I’ll be using the Adafruit Arduino LCD panel for the sewing machine control panel, at least to get started. In mulling that over, the notion of putting text on the buttons suggests using getting simple pictures with Unicode characters.

Herewith, some that may prove useful:

  • Needle stop up: ↥ = U+21A5
  • Needle stop up: ⤒=U+2912
  • Needle stop down: ⤓ = U+2913
  • Needle stop any: ↕ = U+2195
  • Needle stop any: ⟳ = U+27F3
  • Needle stop any: ⇅ = U+21C5
  • Rapid speed: ⛷ = U+26F7 (skier)
  • Rapid speed: 🐇  = U+1F407 (rabbit)
  • Slow speed: 🐢 = U+1F422 (turtle)
  • Dead slow: 🐌 = U+1F40C (snail)
  • Maximum speed: 🏃 = U+1F3C3 (runner)
  • Bobbin: ⛀ = U+26C0 (white draughts man)
  • Bobbin: ⛂ = U+26C2 (black draughts man)
  • Bobbin winding: 🍥 = U+1F365 (fish cake with swirl)

Of course, displaying those characters require a font with deep Unicode support, which may explain why your browser renders them as gibberish / open blocks / whatever. The speed glyphs look great on the Unicode table, but none of the fonts around here support them; I’m using the Droid font family to no avail.

Blocks of interest:

The links in the table of Unicode blocks lead to font coverage reports, but I don’t know how fonts get into those reports. The report for the Miscellaneous Symbols block suggested the Symbola font would work and a test with LibreOffice show it does:

Symbola font test
Symbola font test

An all-in-one-page Unicode symbol display can lock up your browser hard while rendering a new page.

Unicode is weird