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Dutchess Rail Trail: Timing Is Everything

The Thanksgiving Snowfall didn’t amount to much, but it did bring down a bunch of branches across the area. A few days later, as we rode along the DCRT on an errand, we admired the freshly sawed fallen trees and piles of brush by the side of the trail: evidently, a DC DPW crew had just cleared the trail.

Then we encountered this at Mile Marker 7.0:

DCRT - fallen tree

DCRT – fallen tree

As nearly as we can tell, that tree fell minutes before we arrived; the trunk snapped about five feet off the ground. There were bike tire tracks on the (wet!) trail directly below the trunk, but none stopped on one side and resumed on the other, so we were the first bikes on the scene.

We portaged the bikes, continued the mission, and called it in when we got to an information sign with the DPW contact number.

Timing is everything!