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MakerGear M2: Better Lighting, Redux

A surplus haul of 24 V / 150 mA white LED panels arrived:

LED Panel - 24 V 150 mA

LED Panel – 24 V 150 mA

I wired a pair to a 24 V wall wart and stuck them under the M2’s bridge supporting the X stage:

LED Panel - on M2 Gantry

LED Panel – on M2 Gantry

I thought about epoxying them in place to get better heatsinking to the metal bridge. The ever-trustworthy description said the big copper baseplate meant the panels didn’t need any heatsinking, so I used tapeless sticky and will hope for the best. Should the sticky give out, then I’ll use epoxy.

They’re much better than the previous white LED strip, although it’s tough to tell in the pictures. The chain mail armor appears under the new lights; some older pictures will creep in from time to time.