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Incremental Architecture

The nice countertop and sinks look like obvious replacements since they built this rest area on the NYS Northway up near Saratoga. Unlike the old sinks, however the countertop needed support struts to prevent the backsplash from peeling off the wall when somebody leans on the edge and those struts required planks to make the spacing work out:

NYS Northway Rest Room - Sink Supports

NYS Northway Rest Room – Sink Supports

Too bad about that strut right where the drain cleanout plug emerges from the wall. Also too bad that the elaborate welded square doesn’t rest on the wall, so it’s not really supporting anything. Triply too bad about the trim plate that used to conceal the plug; the one that didn’t fit behind the square.

Also: why do the sink drains have such a long horizontal run between the drain tailpiece and the trap? Maybe that’s so they can retrieve rings and other valuables that go down the drain? Perhaps the other trap orientation would put the joint too far forward, where it can be dislodged by an errant knee?

I’ve certainly created incremental monstrosities like that; look no further than the successive APRS interfaces on our bikes