How Big Is Your Blog, Ed?

So the good folks in the support infrastructure have been manually exporting my blog and sending me a link to the ZIP file, pursuant to the still unresolved failure-while-exporting issue. A bit of back-and-forth around the latest backup / export produced an interesting data point:

The message about the export file not being found is simply an indicator that the huge export could not finish compiling before a more general time limit was reached — in this case because your site is easily in the top .1% for size. I will pass your suggestion for improved exporting along.

I’m sure that’s among the freebie blogs on, but I never thought of myself as a member of the 0.1% club.

Huh. Snuck up on me while I wasn’t paying attention. If I could do that with money, I’d be on to something.

I’ve never participated in their post-a-day challenges, because that’s what I do around here. Should you find something interesting, every now and again, that’s a bonus.

Back to the workbench…