Rectifier Mounting Screw Tweakage

The sewing machine motor runs from 120 V AC or DC, drawing a few amps with the rotor locked, so a hulking 300 V 10 A bridge rectifier (Motorola MDA962-4, if you’re keeping score) seems grossly overrated. On the other paw, I have one, so why not?

The mounting holes pass 6-32 machine screws, but the recesses in the top seem meant for fillister head screws that I don’t have. Fortunately, I do have a lathe:

MDA962-4 rectifier - screw head adjustment
MDA962-4 rectifier – screw head adjustment

And then they just drop into place:

MDA962-4 Bridge Rectifier - installed
MDA962-4 Bridge Rectifier – installed

You can see why recessing the screw head below the top of the rectifier is a Good Thing.

That was easy…