Dell Optiplex GX270 Power Control PCB Connections

The general idea is to gut an old Dell Optiplex GX270 and stuff the high-voltage parts of the sewing machine controller inside a well constructed and solidly grounded metal shield inside a not-too-ugly plastic box. It’d be nice to reuse the power control button and status LEDs on the front panel…

The few parts on the front of the through-hole board:

Dell Power Button PCB - component
Dell Power Button PCB – component

The copper side, with annotations:

Dell Power Button PCB - copper
Dell Power Button PCB – copper

The red tracer on the ribbon cable goes to Pin 1, which is a blind key on the PCB.

The LEDs do not have ballast resistors, so those must go on a circuit board somewhere else.

The connections:

16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2
Gnd nc nc nc nc HD+ HD- Button+
Gnd nc Gnd Pwr Y+ Gnd Pwr G+ Gnd Key
15 13 11 9 7 5 3 1