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NP-BX1 Lithium Batteries: 6 Month Status

The battery capacities after six months are, of course, lower:

Sony NP-BX1 - OEM Wasabi - 2014-08-17

Sony NP-BX1 – OEM Wasabi – 2014-08-17

I didn’t bring the HDR-AS30V camera along on the Hudson River ride, simply because each battery lasts about 1.5 hr in 1920×1080 @ 60 fps mode and I wasn’t up to replacing batteries during the ride, then charging all three every evening. Obviously, the camera wasn’t intended for that use case.

Somewhat surprisingly, the Wasabi batteries deliver the same continuous run time as the Sony battery: 1:30 vs 1:33. I used 250 mA for those discharge curves, but I think something around 500 mA would better match the camera load.

I’m sorely tempted to drill a hole in the camera’s case and wire in a honkin’ big prismatic lithium cell.