How Not to Pack a Trailer Hitch

Even though it’s really hard to damage a trailer hitch made of 5/16 inch welded steel plate, that hitch made a mess out of the cardboard box:

Trailer hitch receiver - as received
Trailer hitch receiver – as received

It’s a Class III hitch with specs (3500 pound max, 525 pound tongue weight) that greatly exceed the Forester’s ratings (1500/150 pound), but it seems to be the only way to get a 2 inch receiver socket. I have no intention whatsoever of towing anything I can’t see over and around.

This is part of the “how to haul the recumbents” solution. Trailer hitch racks require a receiver with a tongue rating of twice the static load; a pair of Tour Easy ‘bents and most of the racks weigh in pretty close to the Subaru OEM 150 pound rating.