N9991W Checklist

Back in 1998, we bought this house “with contents” and spent the next year sorting the heap. Among the treasures was a half-size clipboard with a black Dymo label on the clamp:

N9991W clipboard - front
N9991W clipboard – front

And what’s obviously an airplane checklist on the back:

N9991W clipboard - back
N9991W clipboard – back

I looked up N9991W back then and didn’t find anything useful; it was early on with the Internet, so perhaps the records weren’t so readily available. Time passed, our daughter grew up using the clipboard for this-and-that, and it accumulated the usual scuffs and doodles.

Searching for N9991W now produces a plethora of information, including the fact that N9991W belongs to the Lehigh Valley Flying Club:

N9991W - Lehigh Valley Flying Club - 2014
N9991W – Lehigh Valley Flying Club – 2014

It’s a Piper Cherokee 140 built in 1967 and, after nigh onto half a century, it looks just fine, doesn’t it?

There’s no way to know how that clipboard came to rest in what was to become our basement, probably no later than the mid-1980s, but it’s good to know they’re both still around.

May it continue to land with the shiny side up and the rubber side down…