More Quilting Pin Caps

Pinning the top of Mary’s latest quilt used more than 1600 pins: three boxes of specialized quilting safety pins, plus straight quilting pins tucked into all the 3D printed / silicone filled caps. Less than a quarter of the quilt top fits on the table:

Quilt top with pins
Quilt top with pins

Although Mary doesn’t need them right now, I made another batch of 100 caps for her next project:

Quilting pin caps - 4 x 25 - on platform
Quilting pin caps – 4 x 25 – on platform

I tweaked the OpenSCAD source to build a 10×10 array:

Quilting Pin Cap - 10x10 array
Quilting Pin Cap – 10×10 array

But it turns out that a 5×5 array of caps, duplicated four times, works out better:

Quilting Pin Cap - 5x5 array
Quilting Pin Cap – 5×5 array

Slic3r takes far longer to process the larger array than to make four copies of the smaller array.

Half an hour later, they’re ready for silicone fill. In retrospect, natural PLA wasn’t a good choice for this job: there’s no way (for me) to take a picture of translucent silicone in crystalline PLA atop waxed paper on a white cutting board under fluorescent light…

On the upside, however, you can see exactly how far the pin goes into the cap:

Quilting pin in translucent cap
Quilting pin in translucent cap