Samsung Vacuum Cleaner Floor Brush: Wheel Retainers

We still haven’t exhausted the never-sufficiently-to-be-damned Samsung Quiet Jet vacuum’s bag supply, so when a wheel fell off the floor brush again, I had to come up with a better fix than a twist of wire. Obviously, those delicate little retaining latches need more persuasion.

Capture the wheel in the Sherline’s 4-jaw chuck on the rotary table and drill four holes just below the end of the latches:

Samsung wheel - drilling
Samsung wheel – drilling

The wheel is 20 mm thick. The holes lie 9 mm back from the open end of the wheel or 11 mm from the closed end at the chuck face. Drill maybe 6 mm down; I did it by eye, jogging slowly downward until the tip of the drill touched the latch.

Tap the holes and install four 8-32 setscrews:

Samsung wheel - setscrews installed
Samsung wheel – setscrews installed

I don’t have a bottoming tap, but an ordinary plug tap was Good Enough; the incomplete threads should hold the setscrews in place.

Reinstall the wheel, tighten the setscrews, and wrap festive silicone tape around the whole affair:

Samsung floor brush - wheel installed
Samsung floor brush – wheel installed

I heroically resisted the temptation to pry the other wheel off for a preemptive repair …