Monthly Image: Marmorated Stink Bug

Found what I think is a Brown Marmorated Stink Bug dead on the Forester’s dashboard:

Stink Bug - front
Stink Bug – front

I didn’t know they had red ocelli:

Stink Bug - front - detail
Stink Bug – front – detail

The wing covers have a red tint, too, which makes me wonder if this one came from a different stink bug family:

Stink Bug - dorsal
Stink Bug – dorsal

The stylet recessed along the ventral midline does all the damage:

Stink Bug - ventral
Stink Bug – ventral

They’d be prettier if they weren’t so destructive … Mary doesn’t want them dead; she wants them extinct.

Taken with the Canon SX230HS through the illuminated close-up lens.