Stirrup Hoe: New-to-It Handle

Mary (not the spammer) uses a stirrup hoe for most of what little weeding she does, so it spends much of its life outdoors in the Vassar Farms plot. The bottom of the handle disintegrated and she brought the business end home for repair:

Stirrup hoe - replacement handle
Stirrup hoe – replacement handle

That was easy: a suitable handle lay on the top of the rods-and-tubes rack; I’d harvested it from a defunct rake a while back. Although the wood is weathered, we think of it as well-seasoned. The errant hole marks came from a first pass, before I realized there was no point in having the handle extend beyond the outward-bending part of the brackets.

The bolts and locking nuts are original!

Ya gotta have stuff…

(And not a trace of 3D printing anywhere to be seen. Imagine that!)