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Water Heater Anode Rod Status

The Whirlpool water heater anode rod is corroding nicely:

Whirlpool anode rod - 2014-04

Whirlpool anode rod – 2014-04

The new GE water heater anode rod seems to be passivating:

GE anode rod - coated - 2014-04

GE anode rod – coated – 2014-04

There’s some corrosion up near the bolt head, so it’s not entirely asleep:

GE anode rod - bolt - 2014-04

GE anode rod – bolt – 2014-04

I hammered the coating off the rod, scuffed the shiny parts with coarse sandpaper, wiped off the dust, and stuck it back in its socket. We’ll see what it looks like next year.

Both tanks flushed nicely without too much sediment.

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