Eyeglass Bridge Repair

The nose bridge of my “computer glasses” snapped in the exact center, thus confirming my dislike of the springy head-clamping design. These never leave my desk, so I filled a small brass tube with epoxy, shimmed the lenses on a surface plate, tweaked the bridge into alignment with a surface gauge scribe, and let it cure overnight:

Crude nose bridge repair
Crude nose bridge repair

That layout deliberately reduces the springiness by aligning the lenses to be parallel across the bridge, rather than being a bit side-eyed. They’re an un-bendable alloy that provides no way to tweak the alignment; they emerged just about perfect, but it’s time for a new pair later this year.

FWIW, they’re DIY “computer glasses”: +1 diopter to the far (“infinity”) correction and -1 diopter from the reading adder, producing a pair of glasses with the far point at about 1 meter and an unchanged reading-distance correction. That worked well, but next time I’ll use +0.75 diopter so I can sit back a bit further from those big monitors.

Also: the rust on that lovely surface gauge scribe base came from the previous owner and looks much worse in the picture than in real life. I should run it through an Evaporust bath the next time I have some out. It’s probably a Starrett Model 257, but with absolutely no maker marks whatsoever.