Synchronized Subscription Scams

Three envelopes arrived in the same mailing, all bearing the same return address across the back:

PublishersPayment - Three Return Addresses
PublishersPayment – Three Return Addresses

By now, I know what’s inside the envelopes and simply toss them in the recycling, but getting three at once seemed worth investigating. Inside, they’re not quite identical:


PublishersPayment - Three Renewal Scams
PublishersPayment – Three Renewal Scams

So SBS, PDS, and PBC are all snuggly in White City, Oregon, with LBS somewhere just offstage…

Apparently enough people miss the warning on the back to justify the expense of the junk mailings.

It’s nice work for someone with absolutely no ethics whatsoever. At least they’re not phoning us, so maybe they’re not complete asshats…