Ubuntu 10.04LTS vs Foxconn D510 NIC: FAIL

For some unknown reason, one of the very rare updates to the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS infrastructure (for LinuxCNC 2.5.3 on my Foxconn D510 box, driving the Sherline mill) stopped supporting the system board’s built-in NIC: networking stopped working. The only symptom was that the NIC didn’t respond and all the usual tricks were unproductive.

After some fruitless searching, I took the easy way out:

NIC added to Foxconn D510 PC
NIC added to Foxconn D510 PC

That’s the backside of an ancient NIC using the classic Tulip driver. It used to have a full-size bracket, which I chopped off, bent, and filed to suit, much as with that one in the D525.

Fired it up, the kernel automagically picked the proper driver, and networking Just Worked again.

There. Fixed that…