Unsealed Camera Box

Used to be, back in the day, that when you got a box full of shiny new electronics, it bore stickers: “Do not accept if seal is broken” or “Factory sealed” or “Genuine product” or something like that. When you slit the seal, you had some confidence that the last person to look in the box sat at the end of their production line; I’ll grant you that counterfeit stickers have become cheap & readily available, but it’s the principle of the thing.

Nowadays, a shiny new Canon camera arrives in a box with a tab tucked into a slit:

Canon Camera box - unopened and unsealed
Canon Camera box – unopened and unsealed

The box looked unopened and everything inside seemed in order, but … even though I’d seen this before on other cameras, it’s still disconcerting.

I’m unsure of the story about laminate flooring in the camera box.