Monthly Science: Apple Storage

We hauled 70 pounds of apples back across the river last month:

Apple Ride - 2013-10-20
Apple Ride – 2013-10-20

If only there were a Spackenkill Road bridge across the Hudson…

We laid the bags out on the garage floor, seeing as how they can’t go into the cold cellar with the root crops (apples give off ethylene gas, which doesn’t mix well with long-storage crops). I dropped a Hobo datalogger into one bag to record the temperatures:

Apples and air temperature
Apples and air temperature

The purple trace comes from a data logger in the attic, which is as close as we have to an outside air temperature record.

Those low air temperatures suggest it’s time to move the remaining apples into the basement, as far from the root cellar as possible, as we have more nights in the teens ahead.