NY SAFE Act Magazine Capacity: Legislator Responses

Seeing as how both my NY Senator and Assemblymember voted in favor of the NY Safe Act, I sent each one an email asking for a pointer to the actual wording of the current law.

They both use autoresponders, of course.

From Senator Gipson:

Thank you for taking the time to e-mail me. Your comments and suggestions are very important to me and an integral part of the legislative process.

From Assemblymember Barrett:

Thank you for contacting my office. I greatly appreciate hearing from you as it helps guide my work in Albany as well as here at home.

I apologize for this automated response, but given the volume of e-mails and letters that my office receives each day, we do not always have the resources to answer each one immediately. I want to assure you that I read every letter and email that comes in and take your views into consideration.

If you live in my Assembly district, and have an urgent matter, please call my office at 845-454-1703. Again, thank you for your correspondence; it is a privilege to serve you.

Didi Barrett
106th Assembly District

I eventually got an email from Gipson’s office and a call from Barrett’s office with pointers to more information. It’ll take a while for all that to settle down, though.