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Monthly Image: Bees in Squash Flower

Back in August, the squash vines were in full flower:

Bees in Squash Flower - overview

Bees in Squash Flower – overview

Here’s a closer look:

Bees in Squash Flower - detail

Bees in Squash Flower – detail

Pop quiz: how many bees do you count?

With the benefit of watching them move, I counted nine bees in that blossom!

Winter squash vines bear large flowers (that blossom is the size of my outstretched hand) that attract large bees: bumblebees and their cousins, carpenter bees. Quite often, bumblebees spend the night huddled inside the blossom and emerge early the next day when they reach flying temperature. Honeybees, being more social, return to their hives overnight; we’re pleased to see that there’s at least one feral hive in the neighborhood.