Nerf Pistol: Red PLA Version

No, not that red PLA, just PLA plastic:

Nerf pistol - on M2 platform
Nerf pistol – on M2 platform

A detailed look at the dart carrier and trigger:

Nerf pistol - build detail - on M2 platform
Nerf pistol – build detail – on M2 platform

As you can tell from the stock Makergear HBP, I printed it a while ago. It’s the full-length version of that classic, not the shortened Barbie Pistol for the Thing-O-Matic which has been fending off zombies for the last three years (unsuccessfully, from what I hear).

The finished product is a bit ungainly:

Nerf pistol - loaded
Nerf pistol – loaded

That’s not the proper Nerf dart for the thing, but it’s scavenged from tag sale debris and some day I’ll pick up a pack of the skinny ones.

All the pivot points and the sear spring are 3 mm black ABS filament, mostly for contrast. They’re glued in with dabs of Oatey clear PVC cement, the kind with tetrahydrofuran in addition to the usual hellish mix of acetone and MEK.

I bring it along to my show-n-tells, just so I can say I downloaded and printed a gun long before Defense Distributed made it trendy. Haven’t gotten into any trouble yet, but I’m sure some Zero Tolerance regime will bust my ass one of these days.

It was a big hit with the adolescent males at a Squidwrench event, for some reason. [grin]