Hunting Spider

Back in the early 1950s, Anderson’s state-of-the-art awning windows had screens on the inside: you must open the screen to open or close the window. This surely seemed like a good idea at the time, but in practice we don’t open the screen very much, very often, during peak insect season, as insects tend to collect on the outer surface.

We’ve learned to live with the smaller bugs, but this critter gave me pause one evening:

Hunting Spider on Window Screen
Hunting Spider on Window Screen

It’s a Hunting Spider (or, more exactly, a Wolf Spider), perched on the outside of the screen, inside the (opened) window. The (hard inch) screen grid is about 70×55 mils, so those legs span about 2-1/8 inch, call it 55 mm.

We’re big fans of spiders, but this portends a bit more intimacy than I’m comfortable with. I blew through the screen to tickle its tummy until it moved outside the window frame, then opened the screen and closed the window without pause.

Wake up with one of those on your pillow and tell me how it works for you.