Humanoid Finger

Just for fun, I printed out Anthromod’s Kickstarter Hand finger:

Anthromod Finger - parts on M2 platform
Anthromod Finger – parts on M2 platform

If I were doing it, I’d add 1.75 mm alignment holes in each part, but clamping each phalange in both directions came out close enough:

Anthromod Finger - clamping
Anthromod Finger – clamping

The tolerances were a bit tight and it required some trimming before all the joints flexed freely. I used short segments of 3 mm orange filament for the knuckle hinges and heat-staked the ends, rather than having to trim a trio of 3 mm screws:

Anthromod Finger - detail
Anthromod Finger – detail

After making three short rubber bands by tying and trimming loops from a longer band, the finger curled up just like yours:

Anthromod Finger - curled
Anthromod Finger – curled

The overall quality isn’t as good as I’d like: there’s a bit of uplift on the edges and corners. If I print another one, I want to try less than 0.2 infill and less cooling.