Sonicare Essence: Re-taping the Case

Much to my astonishment, the ordinary adhesive tape holding the Sonicare Essence power toothbrush together lasted for a bit over a year. As the tape splits along the gap in the case, the coil driving the brush head begins vibrating inside its nest, making a truly horrendous racket.

The new fix looks a bit odd, but works fine:

Sonicare Essence - red tape
Sonicare Essence – red tape

The tape comes from Mad Phil’s stash and is, I think, splicing tape for reel-to-reel 1/4 inch recording tape: it has zero stretch, infinite strength, and adhesive that’s obviously lasted forever. The inside of the spool says “NOPI Made in Germany”, which doesn’t lead anywhere useful, although the NOPI name does seem to appear in a tape context.

After a year, the replacement NiMH cells are doing fine, still operating about once a day for three weeks from a 24 hour charge.