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Plastic Wrap Plastic Cutter Blade: FAIL

OK, somebody decided that the classic metal blade used on all plastic wrap boxes since the dawn of time cost too much, so they decreed that it be replaced with a plastic blade that costs essentially nothing:

Walmart plastic wrap - plastic cutter

Walmart plastic wrap – plastic cutter

Unfortunately, a thin plastic blade also bends easily and, after a few uses, cracks along the midline. After that, it simply doesn’t work; there’s no way to actually tear the plastic off the roll.

It turns out that a common hacksaw blade is exactly the right length and, oriented with the teeth pointing to the left, will rip through plastic wrap like, uh, a hacksaw through plastic:

Walmart plastic wrap - real cutter

Walmart plastic wrap – real cutter

That this hack should not be necessary goes without saying…

There’s a layer of double-stick foam tape between the box and blade. It’s probably removable, but I was in a hurry.