Monthly Image: Trumpet Vine With Solitary Bees

I tagged along on another Master Gardener field trip, this time to Innisfree Garden near Millbrook NY, and took a bunch of closeups. This was supposed to feature just the solitary bee working the blossom, but …

Solitary bees in Trumpet Vine - 2560x1440
Solitary bees in Trumpet Vine – 2560×1440

The little gadget off to the left blundered into the depth of field at exactly the right moment. Couldn’t do that again if I tried…

Maybe they’re wasps. It probably matters only to another insect of the opposite polarity.

Taken with the Sony DSC-H5, no lenses, hand-held. The image is a dot-for-dot crop from the full frame that’s exactly sized for my landscape monitor.