Makergear M2: Platform Insulation Numbers

A simple test of additional insulation below the Makergear M2’s heated build platform, measuring the time required to heat the platform from 30 °C to 80 °C:

  • As-shipped without insulation: 8:20
  • Cardboard + cotton cloth: 8:30
  • Cardboard + aluminum foil + cotton: 8:00

That’s with a resolution of about 10 seconds and 1 °C. Ambient temperature was 25 °C; I preheated the platform to 30 °C for a repeatable starting point. The heater was full-on for the entire time and I tried to record the time until it first turned off at the setpoint temperature.

So my initial insulation didn’t make any difference; ten seconds (in the wrong direction!) seems down in the noise.

Adding aluminum improved the situation, but not by much.

The platform wasn’t moving, so there’s no air circulation on either surface. I think it will be possible to record / plot the platform heater duty cycle during printing using LinuxCNC’s HAL components, so some useful data should emerge from that.

I think the bottom line is that there’s so much heat transfer up through the glass plate and away that reducing the heat flow from the bottom by a little bit doesn’t matter…