Makergear M2: Heated Build Platform Insulation

Although I don’t have any data to support the idea, it seems that there’s far too much heat loss from the bottom of the HBP. Admittedly, air is a great insulator, so most of the energy should go into the aluminum plate, but having air blow over the bottom can’t be a Good Thing. There’s a very thin space between the bottom of the silicone heater element and the black aluminum spider supporting the corners, so I added a thin cardboard sheet:

HBP insulation - cardboard base
HBP insulation – cardboard base

The curiously shaped cutout clears the heater power wires, the thermistor in its lug, and the thermistor wires.

Atop that goes a pair of very thin cotton cloth sheets (again, not much to focus on, so it’s a bit blurry):

HBP insulation - cotton sheet
HBP insulation – cotton sheet

And then the plate fits atop the corner support pads as usual. I suppose the heater duty cycle should be lower at any given temperature, but I don’t have any records to compare against.