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Mesa 7i76 vs. Stepper Motor: First Motion

The cables with their tidy terminations make it a little neater, but all this stuff really needs a permanent home:

Stepper motor - first motion

Stepper motor – first motion

I used the LinuxCNC PNCConf utility to define a minimal system with little more than the X axis parameters filled in:

PNCConf - X Axis

PNCConf – X Axis

Then I could jog the stepper motor using the Axis UI:

7i76 - First Motion

7i76 – First Motion

And it worked!

Actually, it didn’t. The first motion instantly tripped a Following Error, so I bumped those values up a bit. Then I fiddled with accelerations and speeds and suchlike. Then I adjusted the Axis defaults to not be so nose-pickin’ slow. And then it Just Worked.

Not much to show, but at least I know the whole LinuxCNC to 5i25 to 7i76 to M542 to motor chain functions pretty much as it should, which is worth knowing. From here on out, it’s a matter of fine tuning…